Enjoy Toolin Around Town with a Townie Bike

A Townie Bike, as it’s often called, features a lower seat and higher handlebars, giving a more ergonomic, semi-recumbent style of riding. The design makes it easy to ride the bike for long periods of time without back or neck fatigue. A proper fit session adjusts the seat and handlebars to fit each individual rider for ultimate comfort.

Townies are popular for commuting as well as leisure riding, because the ergonomic design makes the ride comfortable. Starting and stopping is easier, due to the bike’s design that makes the legs pedal more forward, allowing for feet to plant flat on the ground when stopping, instead of the usual toe-balance stop common with other bikes.

The best part of owning a Town Bike is the freedom to ride with no particular goal in mind, just enjoying the pleasure of riding comfortably.

Customers who enjoy riding around town find great options at Adrian Locksmith and Cyclery, for both Town Bikes and all the neat bike accessories that can go with them!


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