Road Bikes are Practical, Comfortable Transportation

If you’re looking for a bike to use for commuting to work or school, a road bike may be exactly what you need. A road bike is built to speed along on paved roads, so they usually have a lightweight construction and narrow, high-pressure tires to decrease rolling resistance.

Road bikes come in many types, depending on the use desired. People who ride road bikes on a regular basis enjoy the comfort of a bike fit just for them

Race performance bikes are built strong and for high speeds, with engineering that promises ultimate performance.

Sport bikes are light and lean so they give great speed when needed.

Cyclocross bikes are fast and true on the pavement, while also surefooted through the woods or mud. They are built for fast racing in any terrain.

Touring bikes are capable of carrying heavy loads, and are designed for comfort during longer bike rides.

Triathlon bikes are often considered the most aerodynamic bikes designed, with a comfortable fit to give a smooth, long ride.

Fitness bikes start with comfort in mind – after all, if you’re comfortable, you will tend to ride longer! Built sleek and fast, they are a great choice for quick trips around town.

Adrian Locksmith and Cyclery can fit you with the right type of road bike so you can begin commuting comfortably right away!


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