Mountain Bikes – Built to Climb and for Comfort

You don’t need a mountain to enjoy a mountain bike, but they’re fun to ride off-road anywhere. If you’re looking for a bike that is more durable than a road bike and can handle jumping curbs, pedaling down a dirt path or handle pebbles and potholes, then a mountain bike might be your choice. These bikes are built tough, but aren’t necessarily designed for long-distance pavement rides.

Mountain bikes are built with a light, sturdy frame, broad, deep-treaded tires, and multiple gears, allowing them to handle a wide range of terrain. They’ve become popular now for many types of riding. There are variations of road bikes, but here are a few favorites:

Sport bikes are a good all-around bike enjoyed by beginners as well as experienced racers.

Comfort bikes are classified as mountain bikes, but also allow for an upright riding position, seat post suspension and wide saddles for comfort.

Singletrack Trail bikes are versatile and light, and are ready to take you on trails that climb and descend with no problem.

Cross Country bikes are designed for cross-country racing, which can include climbing, descending, speed and endurance.

Technical Trail bikes are designed to navigate sharp turns, drops, and rugged terrain, taking you places that other bikes simply couldn’t.

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