Kids Bikes That Are Built to Last

Remember your first bike and the freedom you felt when you mastered the two-wheel riding? Bikes have changed over the years, and the kid’s bikes available from Adrian Locksmith and Cyclery are designed to grow with your kids!

Contact points where your child touches the bike, such as the handlebars, saddle, grips and pedals, are adjusted to fit your child’s size and body type. As your child grows, many of these contact points can be adjusted to keep the ride comfortable for them.

A bike that is properly fit for your child gives him or her the confidence to start well, stop quickly, and ride safely. Visit us today to find out the types of Kid’s Bikes available for your child or grandchild!

Trek Precaliber Kid's Bicycle from Adrian Locksmith and Cyclery

Precaliber Kid’s Bike

Precaliber 12-inch is the perfect first bike for little riders who are ahead of the curve and ready for two wheels at a younger age than most.

It has a handle built into the saddle, so you can guide them as they ride, and tool-less training wheels that are super easy to install and remove. It’s a great fit for kids ages 3-4, between 36-40˝ tall.

Try the Trek Precaliber Kid’s Bicycle from Adrian Locksmith & Cyclery, available from 12″ to 20″, in a variety of colors.

Trek Precaliber 20-inch Kid's Bicycle from Adrian Locksmith and Cyclery

Trek Precaliber 20-inch Kid’s Bike

Precaliber 20-inch will have your little rider begging to go out for a pedal on their first real big kid bike.

It’s a great transition model from training wheels. It has one speed, a coaster brake, and components that are dialed to fit your kid now and easy to adjust as they grow.

For kids ages 6-8, between 45-52˝ tall.

Try the Trek Precaliber 20-inch Kid’s Bicycle from Adrian Locksmith and Cyclery.

Trek Wahoo Hybrid Kid's Bicycle from Adrian Locksmith and Cyclery

Wahoo Hybrid Kid’s Bike

Wahoo 24 is a lightweight, simple, and practical kids’ hybrid bike that makes it easy for your little one to make the most of every ride.

This versatile ride is built for ease of use: it’s light, capable on a variety of surfaces, and equipped with a 1x8 drivetrain and a wide range of gearing for wherever your little one roams.

For kids ages 8-12, between 50-63˝ tall.

Try the Wahoo Hybrid Kid’s Bicycle from Adrian Locksmith & Cyclery.

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