You remember those days a while ago when you were younger and loved jumping on your bike to go cruising through the neighborhood? If you’re considering buying a kids bike for your children or grandchildren, here are some helpful guidelines.

Purchasing a bike for your youngster

Children usually develop great motor skills, along with a sense of balance. Both are necessary for bike riding, but there are more things to consider.

Remember that the smaller wheel size will be important at this age, so he can reach the floor while on the bike – and don’t forget training wheels initially. Think of the overall bike weight, and try to keep it light, which will make it easier to pick up after spills. Above all, remember the bike helmet and other safety gear at this age, to protect their young, developing bodies!

Bikes for kids in their pre-teens

By this stage, pre-teens are pretty good at riding, and are probably already testing the waters with tricks, or racing their buddies! If you’re buying a bike for this age group, it’s helpful to involve them in the choices, because they can certainly let you know their preferences and how they will be riding. It is possible to find a nice bike, within a reasonable budget, that will please your young rider.

Many kids ride their bikes to school, so think about the overall size and weight of the bike to make daily life easier. Extra bags and accessories on the bike will make it helpful to carry books and things each day. Bike accessories help personalize the bicycle for your pre-teen, and these are easy to switch out if they want a different look.

Get helpful advice

Buying a kid’s bike doesn’t need to be confusing. No matter what age child you are buying a bike for, remember that the staff of Adrian Locksmith and Cyclery can assist with product selection as well as proper bike fitting for long-lasting bike memories your kids will love!