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Let the Fun Begin with BMX Bikes!

A BMX bike is usually used for dirt and motocross racing, and can be customized according to individual preferences. Some riders make choices about whether to ride with brakes or not, metal or plastic pedals, or a left or right drive train.

BMX riders enjoy either freestyle riding or racing, and they look for different features in their bikes for each type of ride. The freestyle bikes typically have a heavier frame, allowing for more stunt and tougher riding conditions. Because of the build variations, it’s good to know what type of BMX riding you’ll be doing before you buy a BMX bike.

Adrian Locksmith and Cyclery offers a variety of BMX Bikes, to fit a rider for any type of the sport they want to do. Besides frame differences, the biggest difference between the types of BMX bikes is the makeup of the tires. A BMX Bike is a dirt-ready race bike, with knobby tires to grip the ground over fast, short distances. A Freestyle Bike is used for stunts and tricks, with tires that can handle the pavement. A Jump Bike, or Dirt Jumper, rides well on local trails and bike ramps.