Choose the Right Bicycle for Your Needs

If you’re new to bicycle riding, or want to buy a bike as a gift for someone, we’re here to help you make the right choice. There are many types of bikes available, and dozens of popular brand names within each type.

Knowing your reasons for riding, where you’d like to ride, and what type of comfort you’re looking for will help you determine the type of bike for you.

The experts at Adrian Locksmith and Cyclery pride themselves on the quality of products they offer, and the customer service that they deliver. The staff offers professional opinions and advice about selecting the right bicycle. Consider them your own personal bicycle consultants – they will help educate and fit you to just the right the bike!

What Type of Bike Riding Do You Do?

Commuting – If you rely on your bike for regular transportation, consider a road bike, hybrid bike, or talk about how we can convert other bikes to fit commuting needs.

Leisurely riding, like on a bike trail – Try a hybrid, cruiser, or Townie bike for the most comfort and easy riding.

Fast riding, with a good workout – Bikes built for this include road bikes and fitness bikes.

Triathlon competitions – You want a bike that will last and will give you comfort, so try a fitness bike, road bike, or a tri-bike.

Do you like tricks? – If jumping and other bike tricks fit your style, then a BMX, or Freestyle bike is built to handle that activity.

Playing in the dirt – lots of people like to ride through the country, no matter how rugged. Try a dual-sport bike, a mountain bike, or a cycle cross bike.

Kids’ bikes – buying a bike for kids takes special consideration, based on their age, size, and coordination. We can help you select the best bike for your children or grandchildren!


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