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Bikes Last Longer with a Quality Tune Up

How long would you drive your car or truck without properly maintaining it or taking it to an auto mechanic for a professional tune up? Most people perform preventative maintenance on their car, by making sure there’s oil, checking the tire pressure, and so on. A bike tune up is just as important as the tune-ups and maintenance you give to your other vehicles.

Cleaning, lubricating, and adjusting certain areas of your bike can make it more efficient, and make your ride more enjoyable. Don’t wait until your bike has aged before getting it tuned, a regular annual bike tune up can make a difference in how long parts last and how smooth the ride is.

All new bike sales through our bicycle store include a free tune up within the cycling season that the bike is purchased. Lifetime adjustments on shifting and brakes are also included with a new bike purchase; required parts are additional.

We have 5 levels of Tune Up Packages to suit your bike and biking needs.

Basic Inspection Adjustment – $49.99 – Check and adjust basic bicycle systems which includes adjusting shifting and brakes. Clean and lube the chain. Tighten pedals, headset and bottom bracket.

Annual Preventative Maintenance Package – $64.99 – Basic Inspection plus remove both wheels to be trued, which means checking the wheels and tighten spokes so the wheels are straight(true).

Performance Plus Package – $99.99 – Annual Preventative Maintenance plus remove chain, derailleurs, crankset and bottom bracket for de-greasing, detailing and rebuilding.

Comprehensive Mechanical Rebuild Package – $199.99 – Performance Plus Package plus complete mechanical breakdown of the bike. Repack with fresh bearings and grease (if applicable) on wheels, headset and bottom bracket.

Comprehensive Mechanical Frameset Rebuild Package – $239.00 – Comprehensive Mechanical Rebuild Package plus when all parts are removed, the frame will be washed, waxed and scratches will be touched up with paint as close to original as possible.

Any needed parts are not included in the price of the Tune Up and there may be an additional Labor Charge for the installation of parts.