We Have Great Bike Accessories
for Fun and Function

Buying a bike is a fun time in any rider’s life, but buying extra bike accessories helps personalize the bike and make it individual for each rider.

Adrian Locksmith & Cyclery carries a great variety of bike accessories. If you’re looking for something special, we can get it ordered and to the store quickly so that you can personalize your bike.

Safety Accessories

There are some items called accessories that are really necessary, so they might be considered necessities. Here are just a few:

Helmets – make sure they are CPSC approved, are lightweight, and comfortable. Bontrager has a good variety, so you can find one that fits your head right, in just about any color you’d like.

Lights – some lights are to see while others are to be seen. Lower lumens are good for riders who want to be visible, while higher lumens are needed for night riders or those who need more visibility.

Mirrors – these allow the rider to easily see behind, without twisting and turning for a good look.

Commuting Accessories

If you or your child will be riding a lot each day, there are accessories that make life easier when carrying stuff back and forth.

Racks – these can install across the back wheel, giving a stronger surface to strap backpacks and other larger items.

Bags – come in various sizes and types, depending on the needs you have. Bontrager and Sunlite are popular brands, and we carry the right style for you, whether you’re running to the store, commuting to work or taking a cross-country ride.

Comfort Accessories

Bikes basically come with standard features, but sometimes adding extra accessories makes the ride more comfortable.

Saddles – or seats, come in a variety of shapes and sizes, and have unique uses depending on their design. Popular brands include Cloud 9, Bontrager and Serfas.

Grips – better palm support can help make the ride more comfortable, so consider ergonomic grips for your handlebars. Bontrager Satellite Plus grips are popular favorite, but we carry many types and colors.


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