We’ve Got Great Bike Apparel!

Cycling apparel not only looks great, but serves a purpose also. Show your favorite brands with popular styles of T-shirts, hats, bags and more. Bike apparel is also made specific to cyclists’ needs, especially during seasonal changes.

There’s a variety of bike apparel available, and we offer shorts, bibs, jerseys, jackets and gloves by Bontrager and Serfas. Bike gloves provide comfort and support for your palms, while also giving protection in the event of a crash.

Adrian Locksmith & Cyclery stocks popular bike apparel items in our inventory, and we can order more right to our store!


Spring and Summer Apparel

These items are designed to keep you cool and dry, while supporting muscles and providing UV protection from the sun. Bike clothing for this season is designed for:

  • Breathability to help keep you cool
  • Blocking harmful UV rays
  • Wicking moisture away and drying quickly

The compression fabrics of warm-weather apparel support muscles and help fight fatigue.

Fall and Winter Apparel

When you ride during cooler temperatures, you want clothing that is designed to be wind and waterproof, or thermal for warmth. Look for material that is:

  • Wind resistant for blustery days
  • Windproof and waterproof, yet still breathable
  • Made from softshell material for protection, yet thermal for warmth

Thermal bike riding apparel offers maximum warmth on the coldest winter days.

Better Performance with the Right Gear

Cycling shoes connect the rider to the bike by clipping to the pedals The stiff sole puts more power to the pedals and improves efficiency and performance.

Bontrager and Serfas have biking shoes that are available in road, mountain and multi-sport, made from breathable fabric to keep your feet cool.


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